Private home owners are discovering the benefits to our environment and a way to save money from the rising costs of power. More and more, consumers are installing a solar power system to offset their electricity bill.
Below is a list of great reasons to “Go Solar”…
Ecologically Friendly

For obvious reasons, the use of solar panels is Eco-friendly and considered one of the most “green” electricity resources. Because solar panels rely on a renewable energy source, there is no fear of depleting yet another natural resource.

Decreased Electrical Bill

By switching to solar energy, you will save money and or potentially eliminate your electrical bills every quarter. Even if electricity bills continue rising in the future you will have the peace of mind knowing that your energy source is based on solar power.

Low Maintenance

solar panels have no moveable parts and are very simple to use. After being set up properly, they do not need to be maintained and will continuing working for many years. In fact, most solar panel manufacturers have 25 year production warranties on their panels.

Efficiency of Solar Panels

No matter where you live, the chances are that you can successfully use solar panels for you electrical needs. We can complete a Solar Analysis of you property to determine the best location of the system. They are rugged and are very durable to extreme climate conditions and the latest panel models are efficient enough to work well without facing directly north and some will even produce electricity under cloud cover. However we always recommend facing north to achieve optimum results.

Solar Power is one of the best ways to provide you and your family with electricity without causing more damage to our planet.

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