Intelligent Battery Management System

The intelligent energy system of the HQ Energy Hub manages all energy flows completely independently. If the sun is shining and solar electricity is created, the HQ Energy Hub directs the power to the load where it is required. The excess power generated is then directed to charge the high-performance Lithium-ion batteries.

If the batteries are fully charged and more power is still being created than is being consumed on the premises, then this excess power is fed into the grid as normal. At nighttime when the PV system is not generating electricity, the power needed in the home is drawn from the battery storage system. Only when all the power has been drained from the batteries will the system take energy from the grid.

The HQ Energy Hub Management System can be programmed to be charged when you choose. You have the ability to decide how much and when you need to charge from the grid, perhaps in the middle of the night on an off peak tariff.

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