Protect yourself against rising energy costs


The HQ Energy Hub is an intelligent, flexible and automatic system, working quietly and reliably in the background for years, managing all the energy flow in and out of your home.

If we are going to take control of spiralling energy prices and avoid the kilowatt price of energy going up at double digit figures every year, then we need to invest in the capitalisation of energy generation and storage. Otherwise the cost of energy is in the hands of the energy generators.

With energy prices constantly on the increase year after year, a solution has been required for some time and at last “ALL ENERGY HQ” help!

Below is an example breakdown analysis of a homeowners usage (we use assumed averages) for autonomous energy generation and storage.

  • The average family home uses around 20kWhr (Kilowatt hour/s) of electricity a day
  • Day time consumption average 35% = 7kWhr
  • Average family solar system today = 5kW
  • BOM statistics average daily sun hours generation= 4.5 hours per Kilowatt in Queensland
  • 5kW solar array X 4.5 kWhr = 22.5 kWhr per day on average
  • 7kWhr used per day plus 8kWhr stored for night time use
  • Reduced reliance of 15kWhr per day + 7kWhr exported to the grid for a credit
  • 15kWhr @ $0.337 (cost as at July, 2014 in QLD) = $5.05
  • + 7kWhr export @ around $0.10 per kW = $0.70 a day
  • $5.05 +$0.70 per day x 365 days= $2,098 annually

Just by locking in 15kWh’s of electricity a day protects against future price rises, saving thousands over the life of the system. And when you factor in the annual increasing cost of 15kW hours each day, the pay back period will be around 8 years.

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