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Commercial-ImagesCommercial Application

Commercial energy storage has many applications –

  • Load shifting, peak shaving
  • Power conditioning
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • BYD offers security, stability and reliable off and on grid power
  • Energy Hub’s large 33kWh modular design makes expansion easy
  • Emergency power stability for telecommunications
  • Server reliability
  • Perishable food protection
  • Dry land fish and other farming
  • Large remote sites like mining camps or temporary construction sites have a complete closed energy eco-system with guaranteed uninterrupted power supply, that can be removed easily.

The 33kW modular Lithium-ion batteries are designed for the Australian market. With a deep 80% depth of discharge (DOD), it is robust enough to cope with the long distance voltage fluctuations in remote grid applications. It also offers flexibility and compatibility to suit small and medium sized businesses. Meeting all Australian Standards and on grid commercial regulations, the HQ Energy Hub is designed not to exceed the 1OOkW limit, which would otherwise be classified as a large scale generator.

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Do you need commercial energy storage solutions? Reach us at All Energy HQ and be served with the right solar products at a minimal price. We’re professionals!

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