June 16th, 2015 by Clean Technics News

Residential Battery energy storage systems of 8.0 kWh and 5.5 kWh, were recently introduced by Samsung SDI at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany. The new systems were designed to work well with electricity generated by solar PV power, and they use lithium-ion batteries.



Samsung has supplied this same mode for a grid-scale energy storage system in Schwerin, Germany, and is also used in the residential energy storage systems. Note from the photo it can be seen that the Samsung units sits on a floor or other surface, which may have more appeal than other wall-mounted models available.


The battery energy storage world seems to have been quite jolted by Tesla’s announcement about its own battery systems — and now we have the Samsung All-in-One Scalable SDI model. It’s an obvious that Samsung is a well-known brand in the market place. They are a well-established, global company and are a stable multinational corporation. The Samsung brand recognition is very high and they have many resources at their disposal to work with in order to launch viable new products.


If you have been following the energy storage news for a while, you know that currently we seem to be in new territory with all the big announcements and new players’ getting into the game. It will be fascinating to see how consumers respond. Samsung has now entered the Australian battery storage market with three sizes. 3.6, 7.2 and 10.8KW hr. models, with the 7.2 kW hr. being the most popular size, with the option to add another battery to bring the unit up to 10.8 kW hr., if the extra battery is required down the track. The Samsung battery storage units are made in Korea and the Koreans have a very good and long-standing name in the manufacturing industry. The product warranty is 5 yrs. and a performance guarantee of 10 yrs. Samsung have already appointment service agents in Australia to service their units as well has having the inbuilt soft wear technology to monitor each and every unit installed with the most up to date monitoring system.


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