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Phono Solar Panels Review

Phono solar panels are a tier 1 Chinese solar panel.

1111The company history seems pretty solid, sitting on 10 years now (2014). Phono panels look all round to be a pretty snazzy entry Phono solar is a subsidiary company of the SUMEC group in China (founded in 1978) and involved in the solar industry since 2004. Unlike it’s competitors though, Phono solar panels have shown their quality like no other the PV world. So how do they stack up against all the rest?

Phono solar panels are a step above the rest really. These panels are awesome and it shows from the moment you check out their website & marketing materials. Here are some of the good points about Phono Solar panels:2222

  • They have anti-PID modules
  • They present very professionally
  • They ranked #24 overall in the 2013 Photon Test
  • They are reasonably priced
  • 3rd party backed warranties

These panels seem to have everything you could possibly want in a panel. I mean they’ve done well in international testing, they have been around for a long time and they are even classified as tier 1 for those of you that care.

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