You now have the ability to go completely off “the Grid” or stay connected and only use the grid as a back up.


How do Batteries work and understanding them

Hansol, powered by Samsung SDI’s All-in-One Solution ensures the best use of solar energy to fit your household power requirements. Meet All-in-One solution that can be directly connected to your PV system. It is designed to be more compact and easy to be installed. Also you can get a more convenient service with the web-monitoring system and use the product safely. Eventually, it will enable you to save your money and enhance the pleasure of use.

Advantages of Energy Storage

• Samsung SDI’s energy storage provides a variety of values for the users.
• ESS can greatly reduce the investment costs for upgrading transmission and distribution network.
• ESS helps grid system operators maintain constant frequency.
• ESS enables commercial and residential owners to cut energy costs.
• ESS can be used for curtailment of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The Storion (OF5) is an intelligent cabinet-based storage system using lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which are available in modular 3kWh units. Its built-in hybrid 3kW and 5kW inverters can handle both battery and PV inputs, broadening possible designs, applications and capacity - up to 19.2kWh. (see specifications below). It also comes equipped with an adaptable energy management system (EMS) to maximise energy bill savings according to how the system is set up.

Key product features & benefits:
• Advanced design and functionality at competitive price-point
• Multifunctional, plug-and-play energy storage system for a wide range of applications
• Safe, reliable LiFePO4 batteries from some of the world’s largest battery manufacturers; each battery unit has sophisticated battery management system (BMS) with multi-layered safety protections
• Grid backup functionality allows essential loads to run on solar and/or batteries even when the grid is down.
• Modular battery design – battery capacity can be sized to meet individual needs or for future expansion
• Intelligent EMS (Alpha Cloud) manages prioritisation of solar, grid or batteries depending on availability in order to maximise savings and overall system efficiency
• Programmable Time of Use features allow smart energy control with off-peak charging and peak time discharging
• 5-year product warranty and 10-year battery performance warranty