How it Works

Home battery storage systems are now affordable and easily connected to the grid reducing your power bills or removing them totally, it’s now allowable to have your power lines removed along with your meters top make you truly independent of the grid and associated charges.

In order to make the most of the batteries and solar system, it is best to shift your high energy loads to day light hours when your solar system is producing enough energy to power the appliances. For example, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines and air conditioners. This is because the systems are designed in such a way that they will use renewable energy first before taking power from the grid


Hansol, powered by Samsung SDI’s All-in-One Solution ensures the best use of solar energy to fit your household power requirements. Meet All-in-One solution that can be directly connected to your PV system. It is designed to be more compact and easy to be installed. Also you can get a more convenient service with the web-monitoring system and use the product safely. Eventually, it will enable you to save your money and enhance the pleasure of use.


Advantages of Energy Storage

Samsung SDI’s energy storage provides a variety of values for the users.
ESS can greatly reduce the investment costs for upgrading transmission and distribution network.
ESS helps grid system operators maintain constant frequency.
ESS enables commercial and residential owners to cut energy costs.
ESS can be used for curtailment of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Smile5 Hybrid Inverter

Self-Sufficient, Modulated Battery, Intelligent Control, Long Service, Elegant Design.

The Smile5 Hybrid Inverter allows you to store your own solar generated energy and make it available day and night.  Featuring Modulated Battery design, allowing you to stack up to 6 modules in parallel.  It's intelligent management system and cloud service allows you to control your Smile5 System from anywhere. The Smile5 is slim, taking up little space and offering flexibility in installation locations, Indoor or Outdoor, where-ever you want to. Three different colours for different tastes, an integrated cable box with all the isolators wall mounted, no additional isolators needed, saving cost and making the Smile5 truely plug and play, all with a long service life of 20 years!