Silvana W. Landsborough

Hi Karen and Ian. I received your parcel with the paperwork and final invoice yesterday. And thank you very much for the solar portable powerpack. We were contemplating buying a car charger for our phones only recently, but this is now no longer necessary. It’s a very convenient present which has arrived just at the right time! I’m very happy with our new panels, and even though the days are short, yesterday the arrays generated 14 kW of power, the record so far. This is exciting, considering it’s winter at the moment! Thanks again for the pressie, it’s charging out on the pool fence at this very moment.

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Malcom Pendelly Glasshouse Mountains.

I did my research when I decided to get solar. I checked out some of the forums on the Internet to learn what to look for. One of the reasons I chose All Energy HQ firstly, they were available, local and if we needed them they weren't far away. I got a 6 kW system with a 5kW SMA inverter and its working very well. The boys who installed it were here until dark, taking their time to make sure it was done properly. I'll be happy to recommend All Energy HQ.

Gordon Lawrie Glasshouse Mountains

I installed an 8 kW system with 5kW SMA inverter on my implement shed. I chose All Energy HQ obviously because they are a local company and if I needed them, they were there. They used quality panels and inverters and it was a fast two days to install my system. My $1200 bill is nearly halved, so the system is doing what it was designed to do. I'm happy , I'm more than happy.

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Dr Stephen Savage, Beerwah

Distant Companies
I Initially chose All Energy HQ primarily and based on the following 3 factors: 1. They were local - so if any problems, I have someone close by to facilitate maintenance; 2. Price was competitive with distant (non-local) companies; 3. I liked who they were. So when I moved properties and had to install Solar again, I looked around but quickly came back to what I already knew was a winning formula and they looked after me very well with quality products again. 15 September, 2014

M.C. Mapleton, Qld.

Dear lan and Judy, I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your wonderful work installing our solar system. I couldn't be happier. lan, your thorough knowledge and pleasant demeanour was so refreshing as I just cannot tolerate pushy sales people. You helped me understand every aspect of the process. I am really looking forward to reduced energy bills in the future. I would be happy to recommend your team to anyone seeking a professional, reliable and knowledgeable solar company.

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Gorden Roberts Beerwah

I chose All Energy HQ because they installed my neighbours system and he recommended them. They came out and spent time with me going over all the details and I was satisfied with the price. I'm glad I went with a local company because I have had occasion to ring them asking some questions. They personally come out to see me to discuss my first electricity bill to explain everything for me.

Barbara and Dave Purcell

Hi Karen, The electricians were quick and efficient with the installation yesterday as they were the same ones that did the initial installation and had left room to install a further 4 panels easily.
Thanks for the great service by all the team.

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David and Janet

Install has been completed and we were very happy with your installer Steve. He did a great job, a credit to your company.
Keith Palmer did a great job in the sales department as well, with his sales technique and his knowledge of the product, that is what really won us over.
Thanks again for a most pleasant and stress free experience,

Hi Karen, Thankyou for your prompt attention, the installers were quick and very easy to talk to and answered all our questions. We even had lovely hot water for a shower last night. Very competitive price too. Thankyou

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Earlier this year we had a hot water system installed. Your customer service, installation and follow-up were great. I'd just like to let you know that we have been amazed at how good it is. It's brilliant on multiple cloudy days. We are happy to help if you want a customer testimonial or to use us for potential customers to consult. We'll give you a glowing reference.

Deb Ashby

The guys (Dave and Troy) were amazing today! They turned up early, had the panels installed in 3hrs - and made it just before a shower of rain hit. They did a really neat job attaching the inverter, particularly since my house is clad with crappy plastic and the lounge has a cathedral ceiling, and were finished by noon.
Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team and to McDonald Electrical, as you have all been wonderful to deal with. Cheers

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Kerry Bartley

I would like to say that I am very impressed with the service provided to me for this installation. Steve arrived promptly at 7am as stated, followed by a myriad of workers, all did a fantastic job. When they left everything was clean no loose bits of wire or packaging. So a job very well done I will recommend All Energy HQ to anyone needing anything solar or hot water.